Couples Counselling is for couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship.

During a lasting relationship people can face challenges and uncertainties as well as many important decisions and turning points. Sometimes couples find themselves unable to talk to each other or resolve these challenges on their own. Relationship or Couples Counselling can be a way to open up communication again and move towards an understanding of the underlying issues. It can facilitate new possibilities for resolving your own particular difficulties.

You may feel unhappy or frustrated with certain aspects of your relationship but cannot seem to alter things no matter how hard you try to communicate.

Talking to a counsellor can help you to think about issues in different ways and then begin to make changes that can otherwise seem  daunting.
Meeting with an impartial professional can provide a safe place for couples and individuals to think and talk about their feelings without being judged.

Problems that can be helped by Couples Counselling:

  • poor communication
  • conflicts
  • anger
  • affairs
  • uncertainty about commitment
  • life transitions
  • sexual difficulties
  • starting a family

Counselling gives clients the opportunity to discuss and resolve problems that can cause conflict or unhappiness in relationships. These could include:

  • anxiety/depression
  • stress
  • illness
  • separation and divorce
  • addictions
  • bereavement
  • family dilemmas
  • fertility issues


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